"Not above incorporating colored poker chips inti their constructions, the male bower birds of Australia and New Guinea build elaborate colored mounds, Wings flapping and prancing, the bower bird call loudly, fluffing up his feathers, flaunting about. To assure a female chooses him, he spruces up his ten-foot-square, foot-high bower with bark, crushed fruit, charcoal, scavenged feathers, or even blue laundry powder. To entice her, he decorates the bower with bits of snail shell or fresh flowers he replaces daily. Nonetheless, when she ventures in,he mates with her so violently it damages his own bower, and then, when finished, he pecks, claws, and expels her from his bachelor pad. This tragicomedy of lust is completed as the male embarks on a propriety strut about his territory, taking time out only to destroy the bowers if younger males."

P199, What Is Life? By Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan
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